Saturday, February 19, 2022

Saturday Roundup


Hello my friends. I am sorry for not putting up a post yesterday, but I have been busy watching the police clear the city of Ottawa. I am so amazed that the police have held their cool as long as they have and are still doing so.

One hundred and seventy people have been arrested, and even those that have left the area on their own will more than likely face charges in the future.

I will start this post with my 


1.  Doing my laundry in the normal way I always do it. Using cold when I can for washing and always using cold for rinsing.

2.  Walking outside when ever I can (and the weather allows) or using the treadmill when I can't.

3.  Using up all the bits and bobs in the fridge as well as turning leftovers into a brand new meal.

4.  Harvey bottled 29 bottles of white wine at a cost of $60.00. It will be the same for the red wine, and just a tad more (plus a few less bottles of the dessert wine). We will be well supplied for awhile.

5.  The draft dodgers are being used in front of the doors at night, and during the day if we do not have to go anywhere.

6.  I could have made a bit of extra cash for mending and altering my friends tops, instead I said that it would be nice to come over and visit her sometime for a coffee. Visiting those friends that I know are vaccinated will help me keep my sanity.

7.  Using more of my small appliances to make meals rather than my oven. However I have been making desserts, just so that I don't head out to buy a chocolate bar or two.....

Kris has managed to move most of what he can into his new place. He figures if he gets another 2 loads over before the movers come he will be done. After all he needs to leave food and a couple of plates/pots/and clothing as well as all of Eiko's things until the day of his move. Still I think he will be happy to be in a place he can call his own. 

Kurt is going to be on the Fifth Estate (a news program here in Canada) next Thursday. He was actually on CTV news last night. I missed it, but Harvey saw it and my friend (as well as her husband) taped it and showed it to me this morning. I think his face has been on the news, both print and television a bit too much, but what will be will be.

I finished my hand quilting and yesterday I cut some strips to make the binding. I am not going to add borders as I don't think it needs any. I hope to sew the binding to the quilt tomorrow, and will be glad to have another project done. 

Today I should finish another dish cloth and I hope to make a couple more. Then I can cast on the last sock I want to knit this month. 

I am not sure if I can finish all the projects this month, but I am making a pretty good dent in them.

Off to visit with all of you while the leftover stew is slowly warming up.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Lost my first comment. I must say you make such quick progress on your projects...I'm a laggard.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Kurt on the Fifth Estate. He certainly knows what he's talking about and maybe his interview will provide clarity to some who insist on the both sides of the argument position.

    Moving day is coming up this week for Kris, isn't it? All the best to him as he moves into his own place.

  2. Hoping your son stays safe. It's so unreal and unfair that you have to worry about his safety simply because he's on the news. I can't believe the people who threaten him consider themselves reasonable people. So sorry that you all have to worry about this. :(

    You're certainly doing an excellent job keeping up with the crafting, I love it! I work on mine as often as possible, but my time has gone down dramatically since my daughter is now homeschooled (thanks to the schools removing all COVID protections. Not ready for her to be indoors with a horde of unmasked children of questionable vaccination status). It's working out well, though, and we're enjoying it! I have prior homeschooling experience with my now-adult son, so it was no big deal to hop right back into it.

    Have a good week, and stay warm and safe!

  3. Oh those wicked chocolate bars....!

  4. This mess you have up there reminds me of America. I thought you guys were better behaved, but then we might have spread too much of our crazy. Take care.