Saturday, February 26, 2022

Saturday Roundup



Getting close to the end of the week. Isn't it amazing how time can seem to whiz right by.

I did manage to get a few projects done this past month. Still have a couple that will be moved to next month and hopefully finished quickly so I can begin some new ones.

First off I did finish another pair of socks and start one more pair. Should at least get one of the pair finished this month.

Tried my hand at a sort of pair of tube socks. We will see how these wear and feel before I try my hand at another pair.

Remember I said I wanted to repair my mother's knitting tote/basket. Well I did for the most part, except for the portion that goes over the wooden dowels. I decided to try and find a better suited fabric. I really would like pink with sheep, but we will see what I can find.

I did sew up the pockets inside and the side seams that were coming apart. I even cleaned out my knitting needles, and the yarn inside. I did add more yarn to it though, and really need to clean up the yarn and bag beside it.

Got 6 more dish cloths made and only made a slight dent in the recycled cotton yarn.

Best yet ....

Finished my longest running quilt project. 

That brings you all up to date on the projects around here. A couple will be carried over to next month and more projects added. Perhaps one day I will actually get all my plans and projects done.

Off to start supper and visit you all between cooking times.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. If you ever manage to figure out that elusive 'thing' that leads to getting all the plans and projects done, please share!

  2. You did get quite a bit done. I love moms needle basket, what a treasure. I've been a lazy bum, not moved the hook at all...I do want to make something, but what hmmm.....

  3. Isn't it a good feeling to finish a quilt? I love that you are using your Mother's knitting basket!

  4. Well done for finishing the quilt. I bet that felt so good, if it was your longest running project.

  5. You're my role model. Now, how do I get myself in the groove? Seems my get up and go, has gone up and went.

  6. Love the quilt! You'll have to let us know how the tube socks work out. If they're a good option, I'd like to know where you got the pattern because I hate turning the heel. ;)

  7. You had a great week! I love the quilt. I'm always in awe of quilters; y'all have patience I can only fathom, with all those tiny fiddly bits of fabric!

  8. WOw how lovely. I so admire your skills. Wish I had time to knit!

  9. You've been busy. I used to have a bag like that, totally forgot about it. Wonder what happened to it. hum....What are using when you say recycled cotton for your washcloths? LOVE the quilt. I'm not a fan of tube socks, foot is thin and there's too much baggy fabric with a tube sock that isn't comfortable inside the shoe.