Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Mid Week, Late Projects of the Month, and January Budget Update


I am a bit late in posting my project to do list for the month, but better late than not at all I suppose.

1.  Knit 2 pairs of socks.

2.  Knit 2 scarves.

3.  Work on quilt.

4.  Make the surprise wreath (hopefully it turns out).

5.  Prepare the 2" strips for the next quilting project.

6.  I have 2 tops to mend for a friend.

7.  Make freezer inventory for the chest freezer downstairs.

8.  Declutter and organize our bedrooms.

9.  Pick up fabric to make Kris some window coverings.

Hopefully I can manage to get more of these done this month (the socks are a carry over from last month).

Costs seem to go up almost every week, and sticking to our budget could be harder as time goes by this year. This is especially true right now with truckers causing the back up of goods across the Canadian/American border. 

We were a bit over budget this month. Well perhaps a great deal over budget due to Harvey's truck needing some work. I was also over budget on food/paper products/OTC meds and hobby items as well (hobby was mostly Harvey). We also had the expense of eating out while in the city (man that is expensive) and a hotel room. Still it could have been much worse. I am hoping for a better February. 

Still we want to help Kris get set up in the house so we will probably be spending a tad more than usual. Trying to keep it at a minimum though. I do know he will need curtains and the rods as well. 

Off to visit with a few of you before I need to make supper and set the table. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Yep more money just seems to go out than comes in, or stays when you're retired.

  2. I managed to squeak in under budget in January, but just barely. I am finding that doing my grocery shopping every two weeks, rather than weekly seems to be making a difference. I'm following your lead!

    Do you know, I've lived in this house for 11 1/2 years and I have windows with no coverings? There were new windows put in the two spare bedrooms upstairs shortly after I moved in, and I've never gotten around to putting up rods and curtains. I also removed the blinds from all of the windows and the new window in the living room is also bare. I prefer to have the natural light comming through especially at the front of the house as we face north. I have privacy because of the large evergreen out front.

    Have a great day!

  3. Every week it seems that prices rise. It's hard to budget now.

  4. Sounds like a busy making month. Good luck with getting it all done. Prices here are rising too, especially food,some of which has gone up by over 50% in the last few months. 500g of pasta used to be 50p at Tesco. It's now 75p, just to give you an example. Possibly due to Brexit or maybe not.

  5. Sounds like you're going to keep yourself busy for the month. Did our grocery pick up this morning and of course the prices have risen. DH actually went into Canadian Tire with me this week and we picked up a box of rolls for his Food Saver. He about choked when he saw the price. That's what happens when he's not the one going to the store - he has no clue of the increases.