Friday, May 20, 2022

Frugal Friday


I sent a text to Kris around noon today and he said he was leaving the city in about an hour... This means the grandcat and he will be here in about 30 more minutes. So looking forward to that even though it means a change of menu plan for tonight.

I have also spent some of the day baking. I made bread, a cake (still needs icing) and have almost finished a pie. Just chilling it until I start the final step.

Thought that I would try something different for Frugal Friday and list a few new ways I have discovered to keep the frugal lifestyle going and the big plus is that they should be easy to add to what I am already doing.

1.  Turn on the light in the oven when cooking and invest in a meat thermometer. That way instead of opening the oven door to test and lose almost 25% of the heat you can see what temperature your meat is at easily.

2.  Avoid buying clothing that needs to be washed separately. I already avoid buying dry clean only clothing so this should be relatively easy to add.

3.  Try and make your wardrobe mix and match (pretty much have this almost set up). You can get away with fewer clothing items this way. If you also buy items that can be used in more than one way (dress to jumper type idea), you can extend your wardrobe even more.

4.  Make my own stain remover. There are lots of recipes for this so I will try a few.

5.  I am going to start a mail basket and process it once a week. Junk mail will be tossed into the recycle bin before it even crosses the threshold.

So there are 5 items I am adding to my lifestyle.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Boy you are on top of it. I'm sure you are really going to enjoy your company this weekend. It's fun when the kids come home for a visit.

  2. Enjoy your time with Kris! That is an excellent frugal list. I save a lot of money by using baking soda and also white vinegar for cleaning many things. Not only do they save you money but they are much safer to use than many chemical cleaners.

  3. Those are all jolly good ideas, Jackie, and well worth adding to your list. I already do # 2 & 3 and # 5 is done on an almost daily basis.
    Enjoy your weekend! x

  4. Perhaps you could elaborate about stain remover recipes. Nothing I know, works.

  5. Hi Jackie. I have been baking today too & I made a cake & a slice for a friend. I think your 5 new frugal things are just wonderful & I might have a go at some handmade stain remover myself. Enjoy your weekend Jackie, Julie xx

  6. Enjoy your time with Kris and Eiko.

    My daughter tells me it rained everyday while I was gone. They got it worse where she lives, about 90 minutes north east of the city, and she had to spend a day and night bailing in her basement.
    It looks like the sun came home with me. I won't buy plants for a few days yet. There was a frost warning last night! Like you it makes me sad not to be digging in the dirt yet. Hopefully we have a longer summer.