Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits


Thought that I would switch some days around for awhile. Nothing really much is happening around here. In fact once again I might be entering a bit of a slump. 

I did get out and buy some of my plants though and now I wait a few days to plant what I have and decide what else I need. I know I will need to buy some inserts for the metal hanging baskets, and then the plants to go into them. 

Today I managed to get the gladioli bulbs planted, and Harvey worked on the veggie garden. He said he sprayed the area beside the house where weeds, grass and small trees are popping up, but I really don't see a difference as of yet. I have a feeling it will need another spray.

Tomorrow morning I need to go to the hospital to help with the weekly Mass. Not too sure if this is something I will feel comfortable doing every week, especially since it is spring and things are getting busy outside. I may just back out after this once, we will see if I have the courage to do so.

Still working on the projects for this month, but not getting really even close to being done. I will have to work hard over the next week. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Resident Chef has planted our balcony 'garden' and now to hope we don't get frost and lose it all. As for going to the hospital for any reason - it's certainly not on my list of places I want to be these days.

  2. Gardens can very much be a test of ones patience, can't they? I hope you see results soon. xx

  3. It certainly is a busy time of the year in the garden. We are just starting to get organized with ours. It could become a full time job.

  4. I have been in a slump as far as buying my annuals for baskets. I don't know why really other than the weather keeps changing. I have to get tomato and pepper plants too. Maybe Thursday when I'm in town.

  5. How far north in Canada do you live? What is your growing season like? Carol in Texas

  6. I'm holding off on plants too because I don't trust the weather. I'll plant by June 1 though as I won't want to wait any longer with our short growing season.

  7. Seems I go into intermittent slumps throughout the week if I don't keep up an active pace. At times, though I just want to relax - but then if I do that too long, I'm starting to get into a funk.

    There is always a lot to do during the growing seasons. If not, it can get out of control.

  8. It's nice that you can get to hospital to help now that covid seems to be getting better.

  9. Hi Jackie,
    ...remembering the times that I went with the Man to the nursing homes...I've always come away feeling like I am the one receiving the blessing...grateful and uplifted...so maybe you will too...
    ~Have a lovely day!