Monday, May 23, 2022

Menu Monday


The house is quiet, Kris actually left mid afternoon yesterday. He wanted to get his lawn mowed and the garden tilled before it got to late. Today he sent me a picture of the garden he has now planted. Next on his list is filling some of the pots and baskets he took from here for his decks.

When he left Harvey and I told him we would come up for a visit very soon. There are a few outdoor things he will need some help with and one indoor one.

Not a frugal day here at all. Harvey bought his tomato, pepper and Spanish onion starts, and I started to purchase my flowers and herbs. This year I bought smaller ones and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they actually grow well.

On to the menu for this week. Some items come from last week as with Kris home things had to be mixed up a bit. 


Lazy cabbage rolls, mixed veggies.


Leftover pork roast, probably just warmed up as Harvey smoked it and served with salads (tossed and I may make a potato salad as well).


Sweet and Sour Ribs along with some rice and probably the remains of the tossed salad.


Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.


Salmon balls (made like meatballs but using canned salmon and rice) in a mushroom soup sauce. Served with peas.


The last container of stew from the freezer. Probably served over slices of fresh homemade bread.


Roast beef, roasted potatoes (hopefully), and roasted carrots.

We still have some cake leftover for dessert which will last a few days and I will make a rhubarb sponge pie towards the end of the week.

So while we spent cash (Harvey filled his truck....gulp) at least our meals are being made with what we have on hand. Some items are getting a bit on the low side though. Hopefully porkchops, ground beef, and pork roasts go on sale very soon.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Spending money on bedding plants is an investment I think although your wallet suffers when you buy them. Just remember all the goodness you'll have later on.
    As for porkchops - we never buy them and instead watch for sales on pork tenderloins which we cut into chops. Most times the tenderloins are much cheaper than chops.

  2. Money spent on things like tomato plants is never wasted (unless it dies, of course) and the resulting produce is so, so delicious! xx

  3. I've not bought any plants as yet and apparently my neighbor was worried about me. She even contacted a mutual friend to check if she knew where I was. I guess I'm pretty predictable. 😀

  4. Okay need recipe for lazy cabbage rolls. So glad you got a visit from the son. Kids are so precious even when they are adults. Your plants will grow. I always buy the smaller less expensive and they do just fine.