Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thursday Tidbits


It has been pretty cool and dismal here the last couple of days. Kind of put me off of doing much of anything. I am also having trouble sleeping which probably isn't helping much.

This week has been one of not cooking very much, just warming things up from precooked meals. Makes being able to work on various projects much easier. Mind you those do not seem to be moving forward to completion as quickly as I had hoped. Still every row knit, every cushion cut out and every bit of stuffing done is getting better.

I am hoping that Kris makes it home this weekend and brings the grandcat for a visit. Eiko always brings a smile to my face even if she decides after a bit that she really does not like me much and gives me a swipe and hiss when I walk by. I should say having Kris home also brings a smile to my face.Since it has been so cold and snow is once again being forecast Kris may not make it home. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I believe another reason I am a bit down in the dumps is that usually I have been busy planting flowers. Not this year, in fact I haven't even bought bedding plants. So there is a bit of a dearth of colour in my life right now. I really need to feel the dirt between my fingers and see some colour!!!

Tomorrow (if the sun shines at all) I am going to get the cushions for my wicker rocker made and perhaps finish off one side of the second poncho I am making. I may even actually start the embroidery on the tablecloth. 

The baby formula shortage has now hit us. Lots of it is because of what could be considered panic buying due to the shortage in the United States and the fact that my city is only 9 miles from the border so lots of shoppers from the U.S. seem to head here whenever there is a shortage of something down there. Kind of reminds me of the great toilet paper shortage at the beginning of the pandemic.

I filled my vehicle with gas today and it felt like I was filling it with the best cuts of beef possible. I am hoping that the cost starts to drop a bit very soon. But I rather doubt that happening. All a person can do is find other ways to save, but I really pity those who have to drive any distance for their jobs.

Now that I have probably brought you all down, I am very sorry. I am off to pay all of you a visit.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Smilimg is good, and those who make you smile are welcome.

  2. You're not bringing us down Jackie, it's just the realities of life at the moment. We're all probably feeling the exact same way.

  3. Hi Jackie. I sure do hope Kris and your Grand cat gets to visit. That's like my Grand cat, Ed. I love him to pieces but he runs from me. It hurts my feelings...

    Being so close to the border - that must make you all mad at the Americans who do that. I guess that is fairly common practice but I'm sure that gets old.

    We'll fill up the vehicles at the end of the month. I used to enjoy going to the store - now I get sick to my stomach when waiting for the total. I try not to think too much about it but yeah, I'm concerned it might get worse this fall and winter.

    That's why I am keeping busy and I keep praying for things to change. Take care.

  4. I won't even go get gas, I make Hubs do it, as it causes me stress. The weather here is so iffy, it makes you afraid to plant anything.

  5. Hi Jackie,
    ...I hope things brighten up for you soon...and you feell more like Mom is going to keep Kitten for us when we go to New Mexico to visit Our Airman...we're hoping she does ok and doesn't terrorize my Mom's old old cat...
    ~Have a lovely day!