Friday, June 7, 2024

A Day Of Catching Up


I know the meme talks about students, but I really think we are all students in one form or another. 

This morning was spent catching up on a few things. I weeded the very center of my perennial bed, and weeded the back bed by the shed. Then moved on with Harvey's help in putting out the yard decor (not that we have much anymore). I still have some solar lighting to get out and will probably do that tomorrow. I will also be heading out with a bag to pick dandelions as I really need to get that salve started. Infusing the oil takes awhile and I would like that done and the salve made before we head to the reunion. 

I next tackled a very few tasks inside as I was itching to get weaving once again. Got those pesky household chores completed and began weaving. I am pretty slow, and while not perfect it really isn't too bad. As Harvey keeps reminding me this is my first project and a learning experience. 

The appliance cooking to cut down on electrical usage is going very well. I really am enjoying not using the oven as much. It does take a bit of figuring out, but if I only use it for roasts and baking I think I am doing well. Tomorrow is spaghetti and sauce and I plan on trying to use the slow cooker for the sauce. 

I have decided the next frugal habit I will try and add to my repertory will be cloth napkins. I can always wash them with my towels. So I will be looking through my fabric and seeing what is suitable to use and once this weaving project is done, sewing a few up. Just a few to begin with and then move on from there.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I have a preference for cloth napkins because we used them when I was a kid. There were many frugal practices that our moms and grandmas used to follow. My mom and grandma never used paper towels. When peeling potatoes, they would use flour sack towels and then dump the peelings in the compost. The towel would go into the wash. I have also started this practice. I really dislike paper products and believe that we use them too much for the sake of convenience. Add the savings of not buying paper products and add that to your grocery bill. (or saving envelope) It will add up.

  2. It all sounds good. Thank goodness for Fridays!

  3. I use fabric napkins quite a lot and much prefer them to paper ones. xx

  4. I'm so happy you are giving weaving a whirl, Jackie. And what a great idea sewing fabric napkins are which I always use when the family are here. I'm sure I have the fabric, LOL>

  5. The weeds are starting to make a comeback in the bed out front that I weeded a week or so ago. It's a never ending struggle, isn't it?
    Have a great weekend!

  6. You're doing well with other things when I expect you're itching to be carrying on getting to know your new toy better!

  7. I often think we should use cloth napkins but we tend to reach for a kleenex tissue instead. Never have used paper towels at the table because most times we don't need anything that big. A tissue seems to suit the need and end up being cheaper too.