Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Mid Week Once Again


Oh my, we have almost finished the first week in June. Things are moving just too quickly.

Today has been extremely windy and that is really causing problems in the veggie garden. I believe I just might have lost one, if not two of my eggplant. Dang!!! Harvey's set onions are all lying flat as well. So far the tomatoes, lettuce, beans, potatoes, and cucumbers look fine. 

I walked to get the mail and since the city is working on replacing watermains in the street behind us, had to take a different route. What did I see? Well this wind had blown down a tree behind someone's home and as it fell it ripped part of the roof off. I think that the people are at work so they are going to be very surprised once home. 

I managed to bake a pie (will bake bread tomorrow) and get the regular household tasks completed. 

This meant one thing....Weaving time. I did manage to get about 3 1/2 inches done today. Which considering the large weaving stick I am using is pretty good. I have a smaller one on order as well as a book with patterns and ideas for beginners.

So here is my first try at weaving. This picture was taken at around 12 before I quit to have lunch. 

I really don't think I am doing too badly for a first try. I think the next will be warped with the cream yarn and the brown will be used to weave with (that is if I have enough of the brown could be I don't, my thinking is leaning that way).

I have been taking breaks and while my back starts to ache a bit, it is more my shoulders and neck this time around.

I have left the loom and will be doing the knitting on mitts portion of my projects. Hope to get another pair done by bedtime tonight.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Your weaving looks lovely to me. Good job. Hope the garden is OK!

  2. It looks nice. Yeah you’re catching on real quick. Good for you.

  3. It looks very impressive and haven't you done a lot? Well done. xx

  4. Bach ache was the issue I had with my table top loom, I hope you are able to get past it.

  5. How wonderful to have a loom, I can imagine it takes a toll on the body after a while. Excited to see your progress.

  6. You've done very well from my perspective. It looks difficult and challenging to me.
    We had wicked winds here yesterday as well. There are a couple of branches that were snapped but still are hanging on the tree. Once this wind settles down, we'll have to get out there and remove them.

  7. How exciting that you are now weaving, too! I think it looks amazing!

  8. Your weaving is looking so great Jackie - well done!

  9. Your weaving looks great. How exciting to finally get started.

  10. I embiggened the picture to see better details of your weaving and I have to say it looks pretty great.