Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday Ramblings....Simpler Living Bedroom Basics


The next chapter in my Simple Living book is all about bedrooms. 

Part of the chapter talks about how your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place to relax and sleep. I know many who have televisions in their bedrooms as well as a mini office. How can one relax or sleep when surrounded by the gadgets of modern living. 

The chapter talks about having a clear path to your closet or bedroom door. No matter which way we would position our bed one or the other of us would need to circumnavigate the bed to either reach the closet or reach the door. Still the path to each is relatively clear so I am considering this a win. 

The chapter speaks about using blackout shades so as to be able to sleep properly. We found this out to be true, and are sleeping much, much better now. 

While our bedroom is pretty large I don't think a screen for changing behind would work, just another item to dust, clean and it would take up a bit too much space. 

Getting those dust bunnies out from under the bed is another hint they reinforce. This is especially great if you have allergies, and really vacuuming under the bed each week is not a problem. In our case we have no carpet so I attack those with a broom. 

One thing I really agree with is to keep your nightstand clear of extraneous items. Harvey's has nothing on it, mine has a basket that corrals my deodorant, foot cream, a couple of books and my lavender salve. The only other item on my nightstand is my ereader and charging cord. I need to read to rest my brain before sleeping.

They recommend cleaning out your drawers, and of course your closet. Declutter, declutter. 

I am sure all of us do this, group like items. I have my socks in one drawer, underwear in another, pj's in yet another. It is recommended to use rolling so as to be able to store more in the drawer.

Here are the ideas they give to as they say The Simplest of the Simple hints.

1. Remove all of the noisemakers from your bedroom (television, radio).

2. Keep a nightstand on both sides of your bed.

3. Use a shoe bag or folding wine holder to store your shoes in the closet.

4. Remove all the old clothes and clothes you don't wear/don't fit from your closet and drawers.

5. Group similar clothing items together in drawers and closet.

6. Hang up or fold clean clothes and put dirty clothes in the hamper immediately.

7. Store extra blankets and pillows in another room.

8. If you do a great deal of traveling, make an extra set of toiletries only for traveling. Saves time when packing.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Some great tips - thank you. We once had a small tv in the bedroom and absolutely hated the thing. I've never been a tv fan anyway so I was happy to see it go.

  2. I already have my bedroom as simple and streamlined as possible. Sleep is very important to me!!
    Also I hate clutter so I downsized my clothing in my closet. Got rid of my dresser and all my clothes are now in the closet. I love it. It’s clean and organized. Now my husband has the bigger closet and he still has a chest which he really doesn’t need. I’d rather have a nice reading chair where his chest is. With the exception of our bed and 2 end tables that’s all I need. No television in the room either.

  3. A great post with lots of good suggestions Jackie. My drawers are good but I do need to tackle my wardrobe as Its not large & rather full!!

  4. I do have a television in my bedroom at the house in town but I rarely use it when I'm off to bed. I'm more likely to read on my phone for a short period of time. In the city, I'm in a basement, no television.
    I'd love to have nightstands on both sides of the bed, but neither bedroom is big enough for that much furniture.
    Most of the rest of the suggestions are already part of my routine - though I'll admit to some clutter on the top of my night stand. I like to keep things close at hand, perhaps a basket would be beneficial.