Monday, June 24, 2024

Menu Monday


Before I give my menu plan.... Yes Maebeme the storm hit here at about 11 or so. High winds, pouring rain and hail the size of a toonie (perhaps larger as I could only reach one through the door without getting pelted). Some damage to our garden, but I couldn't tramp through to check more closely this morning as it was so wet. Damage to some of my flowers, which should be okay as they are small yet and have a good chance of coming back. Cherry trees lost many of their cherries though so no bumper crop this year (Sniff, sniff) and my poor kiwi vine lost a whole vine (sure hope that comes back). But the Riders won!!!!


Chef's salad as it is bound to be hot and humid today.


Leftover roast beef thinly sliced with celery and onion, a mustard dressing and this will be served over a bed of lettuce. Should be enough left of the roast beef mixture to have later in the week.


Spaghetti and meat sauce. I need to use up the leftover sauce from a couple of weeks ago that is residing in my fridge freezer. I will make a Greek salad to use up some grape tomatoes, cucumber and onion. As well as the feta cheese in the fridge.


The leftover beef concoction.


The container of frozen soup in the fridge with tuna sandwiches.


The frozen sausage rolls from the fridge freezer and the remains of the Greek salad.


Roast pork, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots. 

Dessert for this week will be Chocolate Zucchini cake.

Everybody have a wonderful day.
God bless.


  1. Sorry to hear about the storm! It seems they are getting a whole lot scarier these days.

  2. Each meal sounds lovely. I tend to wing it but having a plan makes it sound so much more appetizing. The zucchini choc cake will hit the sweet spot!

  3. My goodness, that was a powerful and destructive storm. I enjoy zucchini bread and adding chocolate would be an extra delicious touch.

  4. I thought you might have had some damage based on the story I read. There were photos of golf ball sized hail, and even one bigger - it just fit in the hand of the woman holding it!
    Hopefully the garden will bounce back quickly.

  5. So sorry to read about the storm Jackie & hope everything recovers okay. Your menu sounds wonderful. xx

  6. That sounds like quita a storm and I'm sorry it has done so much damage to your harvest. xx

  7. Yikes on the storm, Jackie. I hope there isn't much damage in your garden. Your meals sounds delicious. :)