Thursday, June 6, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays

Thrifty and Frugal 

It was another windy day, but at least the winds seem to be dissipating slightly. Good thing as I am really not too sure how much more whipping around the plants can take.

So what frugal, thrifty happenings are going taking place here on the old homestead.

I used bits and bobs and single balls to warp my loom, and now am weaving with some yarn I have had for a number of years. There should be enough of both to make a second scarf.

Using up leftovers is always accomplished, though I did have to throw out some roasted veggies that once again got pushed to the back of the fridge.

Used some frozen rhubarb from last year and a leftover pie crust from the freezer to make a pie. While my rhubarb can't be picked this year I see that my neighbours is ready to be picked. I plan on knocking on her door to ask if I can pick it.

Put a wicker shelf unit on a garage sale site and I hope to sell it soon. If not I may just donate it.

I added another $45.00 to the savings envelope and $3.45 to the change jars.

Made a list for shopping and stuck to the list once again. There were no real pantry items I was interested in adding this week.

Worked in the garden a couple of times weeding and of course using water from the rain barrel.

Still watching water usage, and working still on the electrical usage as well. Our bill seems pretty darn high this month and we haven't even turned on the AC as of yet.

Once again I got to hang clothing outside on the lines. 

Gathered twigs to use to start the fires in the firepit this summer.

Got free firewood from a lady down the street. It has to season for a bit so this will be the start of next years collection of wood. 

So that is all that I can think of right now. Must get supper on the table so I will visit you all later.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.



  1. Unfortunately I have to use the AC. Today it was 104 - not used to it yet and it really is bothering me this year. I turn it off at night. The house gets stuffy to where I woke up in a sweat. It’s 85 at night when we go to bed. Tonight I’ll just turn it on. 90 degrees for a couple of days before the 100’s are back. Ugh! I dread July and August!

  2. The one thing this up and down weather has been good for, is not needing to use the a/c.
    The winds were less yesterday here too, thankfully.

  3. You have done a lot. Our electricity rates keep increasing along with the rates for other utilities so our bills go up without a change in usage.

  4. A/C isn't installed here yet and we're quite comfortable with the ceiling and tower fans going. Our hydro is included in our rent so we can run as many things as we want without having extra costs. We're still washing most of our laundry by hand and hanging it over the bathtub to dry. At $8 per load to wash and dry in our building it's a huge savings not to use their machines. We still do the sheets and towels in the machines but hang them to dry.

  5. Some very frugal activity going on at your house.

  6. Great list, Jackie. My mom used to joke when always saving leftovers...I'll be able to throw them out next week, not now. It's good to get the back of the fridge things cleared compost bin helps relieve my guilt these days. :)