Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Midweek And Some More Frugal Tips


I had to sign in again before I could access any pictures, what craziness is blogger up to now!!!!

A few more frugal tips to perhaps think about adding to your frugal living.

1. If you get a tax refund put it in a special account to save to pay down more on your mortgage.

2. Make your meals at home. If you work out take a bag lunch.

3. Respect tax and payment deadlines as no one wants to pay interest.

4. If possible split your income with your spouse to save on taxes.

5. Start saving for your retirement early. 

6. Always pay your credit card balance.

7. Learn how to save fuel by changing certain driving behaviours.

8. Travel light, which is really necessary now that some air services are charging for checked bags.

9. Avoid small money withdrawals abroad and refuse automatic conversions into your own dollars.

10. Plan any vacation budget in advance.

11. Set a daily limit for spending.

12. Book flights as early as possible. 

13. Travel in "shoulder" seasons, avoiding school holidays as the prices will be better.

14. Plan a staycation and visit your own area.

Just a few ideas to add to whatever you are doing now to save on the rising costs.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I’m frugal! 🤗

    We do all of the above where it applies. Except toward the end of the month when I see how much excess cash we have, we do go out to eat. That’s an issue with us. We used to eat out a lot and now not do much for several reasons - too expensive and the quality. We only have about three places where we know the food is good and more reasonable than other places.
    I do wish my husband was as frugal as me. He’s the one who always has to buy something. Grrrrrrr

  2. Sometimes I muttered about the seemingly huge amount that went out of my pay every month and into the teachers' pension scheme on top of my NI payments but I am jolly glad now, I really am. I'm not rich but I have enough for all my needs and some extras too plus still saving a bit as well.
    I feel very lucky. xx

  3. Excellent advice.
    My niece and her family are currently vacationing in Hawaii - a trip of a lifetime for them. They each took only clothes and stuff that fit in carry ons! No paying for additional luggage. It is a relaxed vacation in a hot place - so not a lot of clothes needed!

  4. It isn't just checked baggage anymore, airlines are charging for seat selection and there are rumours carry-ons are next. I assume we've always paid for these items, it was merely calculated in the fare - in order to make airfare appear less expensive, they've broken out these other fees. I'm flying with WestJet in late December and they are allowing prepayment of both checked bag and seat selection, a choice I appreciate as I won't be surprised if the fees won't have been increased by the time I fly.

  5. If we happen to travel, which is rare, we always go with carry on's and it's a surprise to me that the airlines haven't clamped down on that and started charging. I suspect it's coming. Another thing that surprises me with airlines is that they charge extra for seat'd think, if you were booking two tickets at the same time, that you would automatically be seated together but nope - they want you to pay extra.

  6. I really wish I could travel light, but I find it really difficult. I always have to have a big suitcase to go in the hold, whilst OH and LB have a small carry on.