Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saturday Roundup


This week has all been about learning how to weave and that has been going very well, probably to the detriment of other things. I do love my new toy, but I think Harvey is correct and I should have gone for the next size down..... 

It has also been a week of getting things caught up outside. All plants are in the ground, weeding and watering being done early in the mornings, and tomorrow I sweep off the deck and collect the small sticks that have fallen off our trees to use to start the fire in the firepit over the next while.

The only other thing project I have been working on is those knitted mitts for Kurt's school. 

I am hoping to get this first scarf woven and then warp my machine for the second one. That second one should have fewer errors I hope and I do need two so as each son gets one in their hampers for Christmas. One gift down for each of them and then I get to think of some other items to put in.

I don't know if I was taken or not, but there is a lady on Twitter (or X) that was saying she needed money to purchase some of her prescriptions (she is on ODSP) and I just can't stand that someone can't afford to purchase their medications so I PayPaled her some money. I did get a thank you from her. I hope it covers at least one script.

Then one of Kurt's good friends is in a tough money situation as well so I hope to purchase a rosary from her to give to the lady who looks after my plants when we travel. 

It isn't like we can't afford to share and I find it so hard to scroll by those who are in trouble, or are finding it very hard to live on the small amount that is given to them by the government.

I am off to get the water boiling for my pasta, and to get the garlic bread ready to heat up in the oven.... Though I am thinking of toasting it for a change.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. You have a kind heart so do be careful. Scammers come in all shapes and sizes.

  2. It’s always a blessing to give!

  3. Maybe at the moment a smaller loom would make it easier but wait until you get more proficient. I bet you will be thankful that you went bigger then. xx

  4. You have a good heart Jackie.
    It sounds like you are enjoying the new loom.
    I'll have to remind my daughter to water the containers as I'm in the city.

  5. Jackie, that is so sweet of you to help those who are having financial troubles. :)

  6. I really hope the lady was legit when so many these days are definitely not. I try to limit my donations to either people I know or people in the community, just to be on the safe side.