Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Frugalities

It's Friday and I get to more or less relax for the remainder of the week!! If there is such a thing as relaxing when you have a home to declutter and a man to look after.

This week was fairly frugal. Saving money on bills and our spending has been our main focus, however some of the things we implemented will not show anything for at least a month or two. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we will see a lowering of our power bill in two months time.

Frugalities for the week have included as usual combining of trips with the vehicle, no spend days and using leftovers for other meals.

Since it has been sunny the past few days the blinds and drapes have been opened up during the day to take advantage of all the lovely heat and light given off by the sun. Blinds and drapes have been closed as soon as the sun starts going down to keep the heat in.

Harvey is researching a change in television providers to see if we can get some savings there as well.

I have been repairing zippers in coats, darning socks, and planning out projects to use up some of my fabric and yarn stashes. Moving right along in those areas.

How have you been frugal this week?

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Great post. Enjoy your weekend! :)

    My frugal ways: I've designated 2 days out of the week as spending days, finishing all the leftovers before cooking new meals, eating only when hungry, utilizing sunlight for warmth, using electricity heavy appliances only in off peak hours.

  2. Good luck on the power bill! I think the thermostats will pay off for you.