Sunday, February 1, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I have fallen a bit behind posting so first off I will post some pictures of my on going projects.

My cross stitch angel is now finished, I just need to hand wash and press it. Then comes the framing which Harvey will do for me. Matting will be left up to me.

Two more pairs of tiny mittens.

Three pairs of slippers. Two x-small and one small.

I have a pair of pink slippers on my needles now.

Moving on.......

This will be an update on my goals for last month.

1.     Organize kitchen. I have to move things around to have room to store my new appliances.  Partially done, will continue once Harvey gets the cupboard doors up in my new storage area.

2.     Work on unfinished projects (this seems to be a reoccurring theme).  Worked on the angel cross stitch and completed it.

3.     Copy and organize more recipes. Slowly but surely all those binders of recipes is disappearing and a nicely organized recipe shelf or two is evolving.  Done.

4.     Work on scanning all those loose pictures in containers and files.  Not even started as painting seemed to take up much of the space I needed (the scanner was not hooked up).

5.     Work on at least one quilt. (notice the "at least one", gives you a hint that there could be a few more that need working on.... More of those unfinished projects).  Worked on during the cloudy days, but need to continue with this.

Hmmm, not to good this month hopefully next month will be better.

Goals for February are as follows.

1.   Scan those pesky pictures.

2.   Declutter at least another 100 items from the house.

3.  Work on dragon cross stitch (another unfinished project from many, many years ago). There really isn't that much left to do and I got all the floss ready to go. Except for the white, I may need to purchase this as for some reason I used it all up on the angel.

4.   Work on quilt and get the top finished.

So there you have them. I hope to get everything completed this month. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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