Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Update

Since I was subbing all week I did not manage to get much accomplished on my dragon cross stitch. I did however finish up a few small knitting projects.

Three more pairs of mittens all in pink and all size 4.

I then moved on to these.

Three pairs of pink slippers. Two in extra small and one small.

I also started some black slippers to give to Kris as he requested a pair. Those are almost finished as well.

Harvey finished my hall cupboard and this is how it now looks.

The middle shelf slides in and out for easy access and the top shelf now sports a lazy susan so I can make use of the entire space. So much better organized now!!

Today Harvey started and finished another small project.

The installation of a thermostat in our bedroom. We can now control the heat much better and perhaps even lower our bills a bit further.

I made bread today and because of it being Valentines day made these lovely heart shaped cakes.

Yummy. They will be served with a butterscotch sauce as a bit of a pick me up tonight. Of course being the thrift person I am I packaged up 4 and put them in the freezer to use for other nights as a treat.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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