Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

Today was the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, and the Gospel was Jesus curing the leper. Father Brian spoke in his homily about the leper not doing as Christ asked. How instead he became an Evangelist telling everyone (not just the priests) about his healing. The majority of the homily was how if we just become a parish, doing what is best for our community, only worrying about our community we will become a dead community. God wants us to reach out to others, just like the leper, and just like Christ.

I have always wondered if living a life of faith, doing as Jesus would do and living out my faith day to day is enough. Perhaps it is my guilty conscious, or that guilt we seem to be imbibed with that made me feel Father Brian was looking straight at me during his homily. I will need to pray and see if God is leading me elsewhere and if there is something else I need to be doing.

Today I have been continuing my experiments in alternative cooking methods. I pulled this out.

The chicken I made was nice and juicy, but I am going to have to add the veggies a bit sooner. I ended up finishing cooking them in the microwave. Still supper was ready on time and was nice and filling.

Now an update on my monthly goals.

1.   Scan those pesky pictures.  I am working on this and can you believe it, while cleaning out another closet I found even more pictures. This could take another month.

2.   Declutter at least another 100 items from the house.  So far I have either bagged or tossed 28 items. I should be able to expand on this once I start on my closet and drawers in the next week or so.

3.  Work on dragon cross stitch (another unfinished project from many, many years ago). There really isn't that much left to do and I got all the floss ready to go. Except for the white, I may need to purchase this as for some reason I used it all up on the angel.  I have worked on the dragon cross stitch when it is sunny. Considering the storms and cloudy days we are having it isn't as often as I would like

4.   Work on quilt and get the top finished.  Not even thought about as of yet. Hopefully I can get started on this shortly. Well as soon as I possibly can at any rate.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless. 

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