Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Wrap Up

No pictures today of how far I have gotten along on my unfinished projects and no pictures of finished projects. I am afraid I have been too busy getting things done before I work all of next week.

However, at least I can say that Harvey finished his project and started another one. The doors are on the stair cupboard and he is now busy programming the new thermostat he put on the baseboard heater in the basement.

I truly believe he is starting to take what I have been saying about our electric bills to heart. Now if I could only get him to turn off lights when he is no longer in a room,  my life would be easier and our bills much lower.

I start an experiment of my own tomorrow. I am going to try and use my oven as little as possible over the next couple of months. This means baking my bread in the bread machine,

using my slow cooker more often,

 using the Actifry a bit more,

using the plug in roaster,
and perhaps even using my scary pressure cooker.

This could mean a change in what I have planned to cook for the month, but if it means a lowering of the electric bill it will be worth it!

As prices rise, living on a fixed income could become even more challenging. Grocery shopping was definitely that this week and over the next little while I will be looking at ways to cut costs here as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Good for you trying to save on fuel costs. It will be interesting to see the difference using different methods of cooking will make. Good luck with your experiment.