Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Frugalities

I really don't know why I call this post Friday Frugalities, especially when I try to remember all the frugal things I have done over the past week. Hmmm, perhaps the title should be Frugal Friday Roundup.

This week has actually been pretty decent as far as spending. Even though Kurt and Kris were home I stuck to my menus, used items I had on hand, and only bought dairy and produce to make salads. Fact of the matter is both boys helped clean out leftovers in the fridge and even bought us a treat or two while they were home (free treats are on par with winning cash around here).

I have been walking every day this week, even when the weather has been not too nice. Frugal and free, probably just as healthy for a person as joining an expensive gym (around here gym memberships are very high, same for the cost of a personal trainer). Today I added stair climbing to my routine of two walks a day.

Laundry was done in the usual frugal manner with half the detergent and I washed and rinsed in cold where possible. I even managed to get three of the 5 loads on my basement drying lines.

I have started the Silent Auction gifts and am using yarn that I have on hand. Much of the yarn I have been using are bits and bobs from other projects. I am hoping to have 10 or 11 small items made by the end of the month.

I have worn my clothing (other then shirts and under garments) for at least two days.  This should save on wash loads.

Best of all, I have walked down memory lane scanning pictures of family and friends.

Kris was not in the least happy here. It was hot, and he had not had his nap. This is also one of the last family pictures we had with our angel, Krista.

This is the last picture we have had with the boys. Definitely time for a new one. I can still remember the photographer saying to the sons in order to make them smile "Think my mom is making me do this...." and the chorus from the boys "She really is..."

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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