Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

Today was our Good Friday service. The second part of the Tridium, and for the first time the church was packed.

The celebration was solemn but also filled with expectation and joy. Solemn, because Christ gave up his life so that we might live, but filled with joy because we know he rose and will come again. Part of the celebration in the Catholic faith is the veneration of the cross. I was a candle bearer beside the cross and watching all the people come forward, touch, kneel, or kiss the cross was extremely moving. Watching the procession from a different perspective gives one a different out look. People while showing great reverence also showed great joy. As they turned away from the cross and met my eye they smiled and seemed at peace. Thus they imparted peace to me.

My family is all home now and I may not get a chance to post much in the coming days, perhaps a picture or two, perhaps more.

As Christ said "My peace I give you." May you all find peace and joy.

Have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 

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