Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Tid Bits

We had a few nice days this week and Harvey completed the extended fire pit/BBQ area.

The patio blocks were laid and the BBQ returned to its place. I am told that this will be much better for standing on. Kind of like the Princess and the Pea, Harvey did not enjoy standing on the gravel.

The cement base of the fire pit was lifted and moved about three feet further away from the house. That was a half days work. Harvey had made the cement pad himself and I swear it was 4" thick and weighed a goodly bit. We ended up prying it up and then rolling it over. The blocks were replaced and we now have a lovely area around it for sitting.

However the chair we had needs some work and Harvey wants to add some lighting as it is pretty dark back here at night.

The weather has changed to dull and rainy so the rest of the work will be put off for a few days. This is normal for living on the prairies. Spring is seemingly here and then the next day takes flight.

Me? Well I have been busy with the usual tasks and a visit to the dentist. That visit took place today and while the freezing is no more, where the needles were inserted is still very tender. Hope I am back to normal tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Everybody have a wonderful day

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