Saturday, April 25, 2015

Playing the Waiting Game

Kurt had a call a couple of days ago, as many of you already know, to be in Calgary by 7 am this morning for surgery on his ruptured bicep.

He phoned at around 3:30 today and still had not made it into the operating room!!! We haven't heard anything since, so both Harvey and I are hoping the surgery is done.

The phone just rang. Back in a moment or two.

Just got off the phone and the surgery is over. They are keeping him overnight so he sent his friend home and the friend will come back and get Kurt tomorrow. Nice to finally hear his voice even though it was hoarse and he was a bit out of it. He is also realizing that perhaps he should in fact take some time off of work. Seems he can't really move his arm well so getting dressed could present a problem.

Since the day has been spent waiting for phone calls I decided to play with our newest purchase.

Yep, we bought a Food Saver. Right now I am not too sure if this was a good buy or not, it is going to take some playing around with before I manage to get it working to my satisfaction.

I did package up the chicken breasts though.

Four packages residing in the freezer.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Jackie -
    I LOVE my Food Saver! I have not used it as much as I should, recently. But, it is WONDERFUL at keeping food fresh! AND, think outside of the box. When Justin was in middle school he took an engineering course and he had to take apart a hard drive, attach each part to a poster board and describe each tiny part and what it was used for. How do you attach teeny tiny screws and such? Simple, he used my Food Saver to make tiny bags 2" x 2" and sealed each part in the bags and then was able to attach the bags to the posterboard and write the description next to it! So, don't just look at it as a FOOD is SO MUCH MORE! Have FUN!

  2. Glad to hear Kurt is through surgery okay. Does his insurance cover someone at home to help him while his motion is still limited?

  3. Lin, I am hoping that I can get used to using the Food Saver.

    Kurt is doing not too badly, however he has (much to his Dad's and my happiness) decided that he will not go back to work next week. We are overjoyed that he is going to take this time to heal.

    God bless.

  4. I am not sure if his insurance pays for someone to help out. I have already informed him that I can come up and lend a hand for awhile. I should get him to check into his insurance coverage. Thanks.

    God bless.