Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thrifty Tuesday

I was subbing in one of our schools today and talk around the lunch table seemed to center on how everyone was saving money in what is turning out to be a difficult economic turn in our city. Really nothing new to me, but everyone was so excited about the ideas traveling around the table.

I glanced at everyone's lunches and smiled to myself. It was amazing to me that not one person had a lunch that wasn't homemade. Most in fact had brought leftovers from other meals. Finally, I looked up from my own packed lunch and said, "The best way to save money is to pack a lunch everyday, to bring your own coffee instead of stopping to buy, and to use all your leftover food to it's best advantage." One of the teachers (who always used to buy a lunch) asked me what made me say such a thing. I told her to roughly add up what she would have spent in a week buying lunches and stopping for coffee. When she did the shock on her face was something to see. Then I told her to roughly figure out what it cost to pack her lunch today (mostly leftovers). Right away she saw a big difference.

I went on to say that repairing clothing right away was another great way to save. By doing so a person negates the need to run out and replace something that is ripped or torn. Thus saving the cash to buy something more necessary perhaps.

Thrifty is once again becoming cool. People are becoming more aware of how hard it is to make that dollar and are wanting to make that dollar last as long as possible. I am beginning to think that perhaps I am not quite as alone as I thought.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I love Starbucks but never stop for it. We make a large pot of coffee every morning and I take it to work with me. Leftover coffee becomes iced coffee in the afternoon. I pretty much pack a lunch every day. You are right when you point out how much people can save just doing things like that.

  2. I always noted that when times were a bit more flush, many of the younger folks at work would always buy lunch.
    When the economy began tightening up, I noticed that many of those same young'uns began packing their own ..