Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a lovely day here on the Canadian prairies. Melting snow seems to cause ice build up at the end of our street, so even though by the end of the afternoon water is everywhere morning brings icy conditions. Still a person can finally see the beginnings of spring and the new birth of everything around us.

I am still taking it fairly easy, but am hoping that by tomorrow I will be back up and getting things accomplished. Not that I didn't get things done today, more that none of it was very active. No extra cleaning was done for the last few days so that list needs some work.

I no longer hurt at all, still bleeding a bit though. I am also keeping a close eye out for any symptoms of infection. That is the one thing that really scares me as I would need to contact the specialist and probably make a trip up to Regina in order to combat it. No temperature, no heavy, foul smelling discharge as of yet. I do hope that keeps steady and clear. I am not nauseous, or have any other indication of infection.

Goals are slowly being accomplished. Just not as quickly as I had hoped. I will do a post on that later on. I will be carrying a few things over, but I will be crossing a few things off the list. That makes me happy.

Harvey and I discussed getting a smaller computer desk and moving this one into my sewing room. I could actually have all my machines out if this set up was in there. I would have to sell the sewing cabinets, but that would be a good thing. We just have to figure out the correct configuration for the office area. Perhaps an L shaped work station with a small bookcase.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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