Friday, September 27, 2019

Frugal Friday

Making this a short one as I want to get out for my morning walk, and I need to get things completed as we are heading into Regina today to attend the Globe Theater presentation of Chicago. That happens to be Harvey's favourite musical. Hmmm, next time we do the opera, ballet or symphony I think.

Not the most frugal of weeks, but we did our best.

1.  Drove as little as possible combining errands and banking together.

2.  Shopped the sales and ended up saving $25.89 on groceries this week.

3.  Harvey is building me a potato bin in a very cool corner of the basement. He is using bits and pieces of what he has available down in his work room.

4.  Onions picked and dried for winter storage.

5.  Walking each and every day for exercise and am really proud of my total walked this month so far. Starting September 5 I have taken 205,147 steps, used up 6116 Calories, and walked 143.59 Km. The month isn't even over yet.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Well done with the walking and other frugal activities. I have always envied the basements you have over there. Only a few really old houses have basements here except in London where people live in them generally.

  2. Well done on the walking, it certainly makes for a healthier lifestyle. Like you I try to save as much as possible on the groceries, eating seasonal and as healthy as possible.

  3. My daughter is currently auditioning for a part in her 6th Form College production of Chicago. I hope she gets a part, as she really loves musical theatre and we'll really enjoy going to watch her in the production.