Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

As this elections gets underway (the cycle started on September 11th and ends with the election in October) I am finding it more and more difficult to keep my cool. I am tired of the continuous lies and partial truths. I am tired of the dirt that parties dig up on each other. I am tired of the constant sniping and putting down. I am tired of the bullies and the hypocrisy that is show. Just give us your platforms and let us make an informed decision based on what is best for us.

Our priest today was one who we have been fortunate to have as our pastor once and our associate pastor before that. He said something that is sticking in my mind and churning mightily.

Father Lorne said instead of spreading hate we should pray for our politicians asking that they be given wisdom and knowledge. That they will run clean campaigns and learn to listen to the people they will govern. Makes sense to me.

I do find it difficult when those who profess to be Christian spew hate and intolerance, that won't accept an apology but are more than willing to over look those in the party of choice that do the same or worse.

It worries me that people are becoming more divided as each day passes, that little things like common sense and compassion seem to have disappeared from most peoples life. I wonder what the world will be like in 10, 15, 20 years. Will we be able to hold up our heads and proclaim that we have done the best we can for our countries and our world?

 I cry for what we are becoming and what we are losing.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Come to the UK we've had lies and half truths for over 3 years! And it continues. We are a laughing stock!

  2. Politics is very depressing here in the UK too. I'm rapidly becoming apolitical.

  3. Sadly it seems to be a worldwide problem and like you I do wonder what the world we know will be like in the future. It is certainly a very depressing thought...