Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sunday Ramblings

Today the church celebrated the Epiphany. How wonderful that three kings or magi, or wise men came to visit another king even though he was just a baby. These men traveled many miles to see the one that would become King of all. They showered him with priceless gifts, but the greatest gift of all lay before them in a manger.

It has been another quiet day here. I am beginning to enjoy this drifting from one day to another. Cleaning house, working on projects, going for walks while the weather is nice. I do know it won't last. Next week I have a few appointments, one with our financial advisor at the bank, the second with my doctor to get the results of the last lab tests, a trip to buy groceries, and a trip to the library. Looking at it written down, there really doesn't seem to be very much, but when they interrupt my day I never seem to get everything done that I want done. Once interrupted I have trouble getting back down to household chores or even putzing around the house, doing a small pick up or any little job that strikes me at the time.

I am afraid that I am a creature of habit. Each day has it's specific chores that need to be done. I even have a line on my to do list that states "anything unfinished". I think I might be a bit retentive and OCD about a few things.

According to the weather forecast we are in for a pretty large snowfall this week. While the wind warning came true, but did not last for an extended period of time and caused no damage, a snowfall of 15 cm could and probably will cause problems. I have already told Harvey that if it happens he will be driving me to pick up groceries and take me to the doctors as well. I could go on Wednesday morning and get groceries, there by beating the storm by a couple of hours. I can not beat the storm for the doctors appointment on Thursday however. Can you tell I do not like driving in deep snow?

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. That post resonates with me. Snow driving - I just don't bother these days and our snow is nothing like yours! I too find odd appointments highly disruptive and nothing else gets done.

  2. I will drive in snow, but not a bad snow. But it is ice, that is horrible. Both driving and walking.

    But how lucky, to have snow coming.

    Me too, appointments seem to eat up the day. Getting ready for them, before. And being too tired out, when coming home. Oh yes, we here, are truly creatures of habit. Good in some ways. Not so good, in others. -smile-