Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday

The usual thrifty things have been happening around the old homestead. I am still in a use it until it is gone kind of mood, and it seems that this just might be a way of lowering our food bill. Now if I could just get carnivore Harvey to be willing to eat more plant based menus more often, I just could get a handle on spending at the grocery store.

Also if I could manage to find a food our aged kitty liked for longer than 3 days things would be much better spending wise.

Still a few new thrifty things happening. I got some hand soaps given to me by a neighbour who it turns out had a skin reaction to them. I should be able to last until the end of the year before having to buy more.

Then at our Prayer Shawl meeting, one of the ladies brought me a bag of cut up t-shirts. Could be that rug is getting even closer to being made. Just have to cut everything to the right size.

I have had 6 no spend days over the last week. Helps with the total for the month.

Hemmed a pair of Harvey's jeans and fixed the elastic on a pair of pj's. I also patched his painting pants. He can get a few more uses out of them.

Best thrifty move was doing all the painting in our bedroom by ourselves.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Hi Jackie, I've not had mine to long, still getting used to it. It doesn't have a slow cooker lid. So I've kept the other old stand by which works like a charm. If you knit..you could learn to crochet I'm sure of that. I started out knitting....the transfer was easy I was not a good knitter...drop drop drop. Thank you for commenting and stopping over.

  2. Sounds like you had a good thrifty week!

  3. You definitely had a good week with the no spend of 6 days. I've been trying to use up items in the freezer and fridge and it showed in the month of January as I was well under my grocery budget. But I didn't do as well with my household budget...overspent there by about the same amount I underspent on groceries so I guess it all evened out.

  4. I am still a holdout, for the necessity of meat in the diet. Especially for men.

    And I feel, that a mostly vegan diet, has to include much information gathering... To be sure, that all the necessary vitamins and minerals are being included. Especially Iron.

    Just eating cheaper veggies, does not insure, maximum health.

    Are you sure you are getting all needed?

    💖 💖 💖