Friday, June 12, 2020

Frugal Friday

While it has not been the most frugal of weeks, there have been a few frugal saves.

1.  We removed our Bell satellite and cancelled our subscription. We went with our provinces TV, SaskTel Max and only the basic for at least the summer. We are saving about $100.00 a month. We also bundled in our internet and landline phone.

2.  Shopping this week and spending was high but I managed to pick up a few on sale items to stock up the pantry, and total savings without coupons (just sale prices) was $83. 65. 

3.  Eating up leftovers for lunch and Harvey is even finding those leftovers he said he would eat. This means no getting rid of items pushed to the back of the fridge (tossing) over the last three days.

4.  Walking every day for exercise and meeting my step goal the last 5 days.

5.  Using up yarn from my stash.

While I am still busy getting rid of those posts that bother me on Facebook, I am actually doing much better. I no longer want to shake people until they develop a brain, instead I hit a button and what little brain fart they have disappears. I am also seriously considering ridding myself of the aggravation by just putting people to sleep for 30 days. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Everything seems to be more expensive at the moment, so it's good to have a few saves.

  2. I put some people on FB to sleep all the time, I have enough 'ansk' in my life with lock down without some peoples comments.. I think we're more or less evening out our food spending now, we bought some extras at fist because we couldn't get regular food deliveries, but its easier now. Good idea getting rid of extras, we've done that and haven't missed things at all.

  3. Facebook can be so annoying. As you get older you really don't need these sort of people in your life, I opt not to see their posts or even block completely.

  4. Oh, I had to laugh at putting some people to sleep for 30 days. I do that to an extended family member regularly. Since it doesn't let them know I've done it there is no pain to the family relationships. But it also made me wonder that if we went to sleep for 30 days would our country and the world be in a better place when we woke up!

  5. I didn't know you could put someone to sleep on Facebook. That made me laugh. I don't really use it to keep in touch with people. Just for work during lockdown.

  6. Yes, putting people on pause is the right way to go. Better for our own mental health

  7. TV... -sigh- We get internet, tv and land line, from a Cable Co. There is so little we watch, that it is quite aggravating.

    Our grown children are all techy, and can/have gotten rid of their Cable. No more land lines either. And they can do the different apps or whatever, to watch what they do choose to watch, without cable.

    We are not techy enough, to do this. Sooooo... We just grumble. lol.

    From what people say, about FB, I wonder why they use it, at all...? -smile-

    Gentle hugs,

  8. I don't bother with FB makes life a little easier.