Monday, June 15, 2020

Menu Monday

Weeks are slipping by amazingly quickly considering how slowly but surely things are opening up in my province. The far north of the province is still having problems getting Covid-19 under control. There were 18 new cases in my province and 13 of them could be traced to a wake and funeral in what is called the far north. Two cases are of people who reside in another province but managed to get tested here and one case they are still tracing. Physical distancing people. We still need to practice physical distancing!!

Here are my menus for this week. Things could change a bit as I am heading up to Kris's a bit early. I figure just in case the surgical wait list calls I should be home to take that call. I can't see them calling on the weekends. 


Hamburgers and salad.


Leftover Roast beef from Sunday Dinner. Pretty sure I will make a casserole and try and cook it in my electric roaster (might have to cook it a bit longer). Served with salad.


Finish up that leftover roast casserole.  Served with another salad.


I wonder if I could talk Harvey into take out for a date night type of thing. Pretty sure he would be willing as he could have the leftovers while I was gone.


Harvey will fend for himself.


Harvey will fend for himself.


Smoked Pork Steak, pasta, and salad.

Another week gone by. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. You are so organised with menu planning, I really must try harder.

  2. Our track and trace for Covid19 seems to have come far too late. Now with all the BLM rallies and the shops opening we will be extremely lucky not to get a second wave.

  3. You're right, distancing is still important, how awful for a wake/funeral to be the source of all those cases.

    A takeout date night sounds lovely. We treated ourselves to a takeout coffee at the weekend, and much as I have enjoyed our homemade drinks over the past few months, it tasted so good!

  4. I was so sure that I had added your blog to my list of reads but I must not have carried through. If it isn't there, I forget to look for it.
    Credit for posting daily, I know the challenge some days. :) I give you credit for the menu. My daughter-in-law before marriage lived with us and couldn't cook worth a lick at 20. When she married, she made menus and by golly she still does it after 11 years! :)

  5. Family get togethers be it for a funeral or a party seem to be an issue. I think people are hugging and eating together inside. It happened in our Province as well, 2 large family get togethers in the lower mainland produced many new cases. I am sure if they could take it back they would but people just don't seem to think they will catch it.

  6. I don't think any of us swill ever forget 2020, stay safe.