Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday Roundup

I decided that perhaps the only way I would get out of my funk was to try and get a few smaller projects completed. Perhaps doing something other than thinking and walking would help.

The first project I undertook this week was cutting out masks so that once sewn the four of us would have enough for 8 days. Meaning they would only have to be washed once a week instead of every second day.

Voila, a stack of thirty masks ready to be sewn next week. This pattern is slightly different in that it has a pocket to place a filter in. I will also need to make a prototype as the pattern calls for ties and we would much rather have elastic.

I did finally finish the denim quilt for outside. No picture of that as I did an envelope type quilt and I really think the finished quilt is not quite right. Okay to use outside, but not something I would show with pride. I also took it out last night to cover my legs as I did a bit of star gazing.... It has rained all day and now said quilt is soaking wet. It will be hung on the lines tomorrow. 

I have a habit of piling up my knitting to weave in the ends of the yarn. I had a stack of 5 prayer shawls made over the past 5 months that needed that done.

All  done now and they are ready to drop off at the church once the office opens.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I too find it energising to get previously half finished stuff finished. And I have plenty of half finished stuff to finish!

  2. Good idea on getting projects started. I bought a mask on Etsy like you are making and it had narrow elastic running through a channel on each side. Since the elastic is narrow it is tied so it can be adjusted to fit the person wearing it. Quite comfortable.

  3. The masks I made don't have a filter pocket but are 3 different pieces of fabric which are supposed to be ok too. I keep having to remember to thrown them in the wash but so far they are holding up. Yes, sometimes projects are the way to go to get your mind off things

  4. I made a few masks today, but they are only two layers of fabric thick. They will have to do. I won't be using them in crowded places or on public transport, so they should be OK. To be honest, I think that covering your face at all has to be better than not and many people here in London don't wear a mask at all anywhere.

  5. I'll be making some masks soon to. Well done on completing your projects.