Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday Tidbits

The days seem to slip by with regularity. Nothing too exciting happens around here, which I suppose is not the worst of things. I can at least plan my days and the self isolation of the past few months has not affected me or Harvey as much as it has some people. Mind you, now that the weather is nicer this could change.

I am trying to get used to our new vehicle. Our last one had the same bells and whistles for the most part, but this one seems to have even more, and they are situated in the strangest places. It also seems to be a bit more computerized. I am sure we will get the hang of everything over the next little while, but for now I am slightly intimidated by all these buttons.

I sewed up 6 masks today and tomorrow I will thread the elastic through. Then, move on to Harvey's masks and at least get them trimmed and the machine threaded. Just perhaps I will get a couple sewn as well. Not too many days are left in the month for me to reach all of my goals. The making of at least 21 masks was one of those goals. Up to 14 right now. 

Slowly, but surely I am getting ready for the next wave of the virus. Pretty sure that is going to happen, I just do not know how bad it will be or if it will even be as bad as this first wave. I have begun to stock up a little bit. Truth to tell if we do not get the second wave, I will be happy and not have to worry about stocking up for the sometimes terrible winter weather we are prone to get. I will share my stock up items with you very soon.

We are opening up a bit here. In a couple of weeks the library here should open up. It will be nice to be able to visit and pick up free reading material once again. Not one to head to the gym for a workout, the library is much more my speed.

In doing my daily news reading (I try and stay away from things that raise my blood pressure) I read that businesses are having a very hard time getting employees to come back to work. It seems, like many of us, they are nervous and worried about infection. There have been a few outbreaks since reopening started and there is one in my province. It is closer to the Alberta side of the province, but since Kurt has to travel quite close to this area I am a bit concerned. 

Then, we have some outspoken folks who want the international border opened up. As far as I am concerned (and Harvey as well) keeping the border closed until things settle down is a good idea. We sure do not want Covid-19  brought into Canada from the northern states (or from Texas, Florida, or Arizona) and I am pretty sure our neighbours to the south do not want to us to bring the virus down to some states that are finally beginning to lower their infection rate.

Off to work on my knitting. Hopefully pictures of finished projects will grace the page when next I post (well perhaps they will grace the page on Friday).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Not a bad idea to be semi-prepared just in case there is a second wave. There will be one, we think too, but hope beyond hope that it settles come October or November. Heading south is our plan since we have no house here. :(

  2. The days are just flying by. Hope you manage to reach your goal and get the masks finished. I have a few more to get done before tomorrow when I will drop them off at the church along with some items for the food bank. Take care.

  3. I agree with the border, it seems there are many American (and Canadian for that matter) folks who just think they can do anything and go anywhere with little regard for other human life. We too are staying close to home. I am taking Mom out but only to the farmers market which just reopened for real shopping and to little free libraries. She wants a haircut so we are going to try for that today (masks required here by everyone in salon) and to return some shoes but other than that I am still doing all of her shopping. Not the year any of us hoped for. Stocking up is a good idea. I stocked up so much in March that I am good on many things for months. Only need a few more canned goods. I am not so worried about the supply chain anymore, although weirdly on my one live trip to Superstore (versus curbside pickup) this week there was still no toilet paper there - but every other store seems to have it although at high prices.

  4. I'm in agreement, keep that border closed! I know it's supposed to be closed until July 21 but I'm thinking it should remain closed until there is a clear slow down in cases in the states. But I don't to make those decisions so we'll see.

    I'm going to try to find a pattern for a child's mask. My grandson may or may not wear it but we'll try at least when D has to take him out.

    Take care and stay well!