Friday, November 6, 2020

Frugal Friday


This month I promised myself I would post each and every day. Yet yesterday got away from me quite quickly and before I knew it I was crawling into bed and just wanting to sleep. Hopefully I do better over the rest of the month.

Now what frugal things are happening here....

1.  Grocery savings were not that high this week. I only managed to save $14.93 on the total bill.

2.  Our power bill appeared via email and seems a bit high. I think it is an estimate. I really wish our provincial power company would get back to reading the meter every month. There estimates in our case are usually out by a great deal. This makes it hard to budget for.

3.  Using remnants of fabrics up making some more gifts for Kurt and Kris. However the pattern for the oven mitts just hasn't worked out. They fit me. So using other remnants I am fashioning some pot holders that are slightly bigger and they can be used to lift hot containers out of the oven. I am actually using the same techniques as the oven mitts, just changing them slightly. Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

4.  My walks are always frugal and while the weather stays nice I will be doing them outside. Might not last much longer considering the forecast for the weekend.

5.  Since I am helping with the Bible Study I don't have to pay for it (savings of $60.00). While I am not enjoying this one quite as much as others I am enjoying getting out and the discussions.

6.  Cashed in some survey points and will be receiving a gift card to be used in buying some books for my ereader.

Everyone have a wonderful day. 

God bless.


  1. Sounds like a good week overall.

  2. I'm always impressed when a writer blogs every day, once a week or maybe twice is the best I can do.

    Take care, stay well and this weekend stay warm!

  3. Can you submit the correct readings to your provider to provide an accurate bill? I have a smart meter but it doesn't and hadn't read the electric since it was installed. So I take readings for that.

  4. Our power bill was absolutely horrendous for July, August, and September. Higher than it had ever been in our 25+ years here. It wasn't necessarily hot outside either, so it wasn't like our a/c was running crazy. Then, all of a sudden, for October it was back to normal. I'm just wondering if our utility company wanted to make a few extra bucks?! I mean, who's going to call about it... and what would they do if we did?! So I feel your pain. ~Andrea xoxo

  5. Groceries have gone up here significantly, so I must be diligent when cooking and shopping.

  6. It's hard to budget for anything, isn't it? Hydro makes it particularly hard. As for groceries, we have finessed our problem to a tee. We do get pensions monthly and move a certain amount into a Grocery a/c. It makes it easier for me not to have to think about whether there is $ to spend! :)