Friday, November 27, 2020

Frugal Friday

It has been another fairly quiet week on the old homestead. I continue to text Kurt to see how he is doing. Mama bear is always concerned.

It also seems as if blogger has decided not to do as I have asked it to and left align what I type. Oh well I will continue and see what happens next.

What frugal happenings have taken place?

1.  Used scrap fabric to make a case for my ereader.

2.  Saved $38.38 buying on sale groceries this week.

3.  Finished my sweater (jumper) and used up a couple of balls of yarn from my stash.

4.  Made sugar scrub for a fraction of buying it at Bath and Body or The Body Shop.

5.  Cleaning out the fridge freezer by using up bags of leftover meats. Still a ways to go, but I am getting there.

6.  Then of course their are the usual bread baking, watching water usage (got our bill today and it is a hundred and some dollars less than my friends...wonder if they have a leak), and walking for free exercise.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Notice that Blogger is actually doing what it is supposed to now.


  1. Isn't this new blogger absolutely crazy? I have no idea why it does what it does... and why it won't do what it doesn't do. I just type and publish and however it looks is the way it is. Uggghhhh!!!

    Wow, I wonder if your friend does have a leak in a water pipe somewhere. $100+ more on a water bill is a huge difference. Has it always been that high for them, I wonder?

    ~Andrea xoxo

  2. I have similar problems with blogger. You're doing a great job of keeping it frugal.

  3. Oh how I wish I could have the time to knit. Would love to see the sweater.

  4. Blogger certainly has a mind of its own. I had issues with photos today. What a nuisance.

    Yikes, my water bill is never over $100 and that's when I"m watering daily in the summer. I would suspect your friends have a leak somewhere.

    I'm hoping Kurt recovers soon and doesn't have any long lasting effects. Take care, stay well!