Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Ramblings

 I promised you all some pictures of what I have been up to this week.

I finished one pair of oven mitts (they will be mine), and 4 rather large pot holders for Kurt and Kris.

Then baked a loaf of bread. We seem to be going through a great deal of bread this week.

I then moved on to downloading some free books to my ereader. I found 5 that interested me. 

Just lunch I decided that I needed to get those ornaments finished. After all I drew that number so in keeping with my urge to complete projects I got down to work.

I picked a very simple vinyl decal and only made a couple of slight errors. I got better at putting them on with every one. 

We are in the midst of a bit of an ice storm right now so I thought I would try and take a picture of one of the branches that are covered in ice. Forgive the blur.

Snow will be arriving shortly, and I am hoping that it isn't the accumulation the weather people are talking about.

I drew another number and managed to draw another small project. I am going to make a case to carry my phone in. I picked out the fabric and will begin on it tomorrow. Planning on having it done by Wednesday so I can choose another number.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You are certainly getting through those projects, I love the Christmas decorations. The snowflake decal is a delight.

  2. Lovely makes Jackie. Take care in the cold weather.

  3. How many projects do you have lined up? Nice hotpads and ornaments.

  4. Nice work! Thankfully we didn't get the freezing rain, just ice pellets so it's crunchy underfoot. On top of that is about 4-5 inches of snow.

    Take care and stay well!

  5. WoW! You are so disciplined to follow the numbers when ticking off projects. I wish we lived closer so I could have you over for a cup of tea or so that we could walk together!

  6. Love the decorations, did you make the decals? You are ploughing through that list of things to do.

  7. So busy! I can't imagine snow storms. Rain and wind are quite enough.

  8. Oooh, you guys talking about snow means it is soon headed our way too. We have a couple more days of warmth so I will enjoy them. I made some ornaments years ago at my Grandson's Christmas event and forgot about it until seeing your picture. I may have to make some new ones! :)

  9. So talented, I need to get busy making something, anything....