Friday, August 12, 2022

Frugal Friday


The usual frugal habits are on going. I am not too sure if anything new or interesting took place. I am sure it is pretty boring for all my readers to see the same things over and over again.

I am going to transform a few items from the fridge into frozen meals. Last night it was baked beans. I managed to get 9 containers into the freezer. Cost wise each container was probably about $0.50, 7 of them were at the 2 servings mark, the other two could be used when the boys are home.

Then I pulled the frozen raspberries from last year out of the freezer and made some jam. Should be enough to see us through the year.

I have 5 bags of blueberries frozen from last year and will make those into jam come Sunday.

Tonight I plan on making Cream of Mushroom soup and freezing it, and tomorrow at some point I will make Cream of Celery soup and do the same thing. 

Meals already prepared from on sale items is always frugal. 

I am spending some time looking up other ways to live frugally and use everything up I possibly can. It is only the best thing to do when prices keep rising and we want to be able to travel or help out our sons.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. You have a good evening as well, Jackie.

  2. You inspire me to try to be more frugal too. I've started cutting open the ends of things like the toothpaste tubes and manage to get at least three or 4 more applications. Putting them inside a glass lidded jar keeps them from going hard. It astounds me at how much product is left in the bottom of tubes of hand creams after they refuse to cough up any more on their own. Same for shampoo bottles.

  3. I'm trying to use up things from my freezer too, mainly to make room for allotment produce, but we also have things from last year that need eating up, beans mainly, but they're a little bit watery. Ideally they'd be good in a stew, but it's just too hot to cook anything like that. I may have to get the slow cooker out and see how that goes.

  4. Busy lady! Have a good weekend.

  5. I have been following for a few months now and am getting some good ideas. One idea that I need help with is the making of a few jars of dill pickles at a time. Could you please share your recipe. Like my mother before me, in the past I have always done large quantities working to the point of exhaustion. I look forward to hearing how you do this.

  6. You did great! I'm inspired. I need to set a goal of a few things out of the freezer/week. It's great that I have prepped meals/leftovers, but don't use them up as often as I should.

  7. I too will have a big jam making day soon!

  8. The rising prices are discouraging to me. I am shocked at the grocery bill these days and often try to make do with what we have here. We are kindred spirits.

  9. I never eat cream of mushroom soup as a soup, but buy it by the case (really helps cost wise), and use it when making casseroles, sauces etc. Baked beans, would never think to freeze them. Have you done that they freeze well? Before I could freeze stuff I really need to get a chest freezer. The freezer in the fridge just really isn't big enough to freeze quantiies of things.