Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thrifty Thursday


My thrifty practices this week are much the same as always. Saving small plastic bags and their twist ties, using up leftovers, making the most of garden produce, and turning one of the collars on a shirt belonging to Harvey. I notice that I need to replace the elastic in one of the sleeves of the shirt I am wearing...that will be done after the trip when I have more time.

I have also added to the refashion pile in the sewing/craft room and have been busy using up small bits and orphan balls of yarn. The odd colours of embroidery thread (or rather the less expensive than DMC threads) are slowly being used up some on this embroidered tablecloth and some will be used making more cloth napkins later on (plans for those coming to mind). 

Today I used up the last of the raspberries from the previous summer's harvest and made jam. I am also making baked beans in my slow cooker. I get lots of containers of those beans in the freezer and when the cost is divided out it is half the cost of buying the same amount of already canned in the stores.

I have also been watching free television or at least free series by using the Netflix subscription that Kris shares with me and my android box. I am loving the fact that old series actually go at least 26 episodes if not more in a year. Now why can't today's series be the same, lately you are really lucky if there are 13 or 14 episodes. 

I am loving the ways that some are using to save water and just might have to try a few of those ideas out. That is perhaps the only one of the cities utility charges that we can control.

Pictures of projects, garden processing, and perhaps a few surprises coming on Saturday.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Our city just reported that our county has conserved more water than the rest of California. They broke it down by county. Not surprised. We see the lake levels - the city people don't and you know, they have those swimming pools to fill, and cars to wash. Makes me mad - we conserve so much that it we actually brought down the levels for the whole state of California. That's a lot of conserving!
    The rural and country areas know how to conserve - I mean we do it without thinking about it. Nothing but a pat on the back is what we get while the rest of the state counts on us and other rural counties. Grrrrrr

  2. Your days are always so busy but must be extremely satisfying.

  3. Your homemade baked beans sound good. I couldn't believe the price of some Heinz products in the supermarket the other day. £1.75 for a tin of beef ravioli. I've never seen it so expensive.

  4. We're fans of Netflix too, at least for the most part. Right now we're binge watching 'Murdock Mysteries'. And you're right in noticing that the current shows are much shorter in numbers than they used to be. I suppose production costs have something to do with it.

  5. Looking forward to your photos (and surprises too!)

  6. I need a good baked bean recipe could you share?