Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Tonight, Harvey and I did something we haven't done for awhile. Well at least since the boys were young'uns. We went to look at Christmas lights, not through the town but down in our regional park.

Businesses and various groups started doing light shows a few years back, but this is the first year we have ventured down to take a look.

My pictures at slightly blurry, but it was one car after the other and no time to really stop and take a good look.

Here they are.

As you can see my picture taking needs some (okay a great deal) of improvement. Bumping along dirt roads with a car right behind you is not conducive to good picture taking. We did see some people walking through the displays and perhaps that is what we will do next year.

On the way home we drove around the block so I could get this picture.

This house belongs to a Pilipino family that just moved to Canada and onto our street two years ago. Last year they just had lights around the roof top. This year they have added to their display and even though you can't see it the lights around the windows and door are flashing.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be getting a storm (of course this would happen just before Christmas and make me worry that Kurt and Kris are going to have problems getting home). I hope it either misses us or we don't get the amount of snow being predicted.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 


  1. I'm so glad you went....go every single Christmas, Jackie...I have no words to tell you how I miss going with Mr. Sweet...We went to look at lights every Christmas.

  2. I love to see Christmas lights on houses, trees, etc. They look so pretty and festive. I might start indulging myself sometime.

  3. A twinkle tour in both neighboring towns is on the annual to-do list, a way of celebrating the coming of the light in the dark of winter.

  4. I hope the boys miss the storm and get home safely to enjoy Christmas with you. We always had outside lights but our electrician let us down just before Christmas and we have no sockets in the garage. If I see some battery ones I'll get them.