Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thursday Tidbits

The house is very, very quiet as both our sons have left. Kris for his apartment in Regina, and Kurt to visit with his best friend (and friends wife) for a few days. 

Me, well I feel a bit lonely, but I am sure that feeling will disappear as I try and get the house back in order.

It is still extremely cold here with daytime temperatures only reaching -25 C with wind chills making it feel like -40 C. Perfect for snuggling in with a good book or my knitting that's for sure. I have managed to make one pair of mittens and matching toque for one of the twins and will be casting on for the next later this evening. 

Sewing fell by the wayside, though I did mend a pair of pants for one son, sewed a button on for the other and fixed a coat pocket for Harvey. I still have one coat of Harvey's to mend but will get to that as soon as I finish the top I started before Christmas. One more day should see that sewing project done. 

Menus have changed as well. I of course cooked way too much and now Harvey and I are working our way through the excess. Tonight we finished off the chili, tomorrow will still be the salmon casserole, but Saturday will be the leftover tetrazzini. 

Lots of lovely gifts were opened and over the next couple of days I will share what I managed to get pictures of (I seem to forget to do that quite often).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I didn't over com but my daughter's brought food after I asked them not too. Some I found space in the freezer for straight away and some I incorporated into my menu. Loving my leftover soup!

  2. It's surprising how quickly we adapt to having more people around, after being used to our peace and quiet. I didn't realise how quiet my house is until I spent Christmas Eve with my nieces and nephew!

    Enjoy your snuggling in, certainly the order of the day with those temperatures.

  3. -25 boy that is cold. Would love to see your gifts, and I must apologise, I think it was your comment left on my last post, I hit the delete button instead of the publish (so sorry).

  4. It's been a learning process but I've finally reached the point where I don't over prepare for holidays. Life is so much better. I'm always surprised at the amount of milk and bread that's consumed when the kids are home. My granddaughters are here and there's a heightened energy in the house. There is quite a collection of little girl paraphernalia in the front room including marker boards, dolls, stuffies, legos, not to mention the barn complete with corrals, horses and riders, barrels, etc that's occupying a large space. In the words of the 7 yr old, I'm an early riser so I get my quiet time before the house comes to life. I will revel in this as long as it lasts for soon enough they will go home and I will be left with that warm feeling in my heart after the house is put back in order.

  5. That is really cold weather! I am enjoying a quiet day without visitors. I love them dearly but it nice to have a bit of time to get the house back into some order. Keep warm and cosy.