Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday Round Up

It has been a very strange week. First it was so busy that I couldn't find time to do much of anything, and then once the boys left and the really cold weather hit, it seems like I have too much time on my hands.

Not being able to go out for my daily walks makes the days seem so very long. I also feel like the pounds are piling on. Pretty soon I won't fit any of my clothes. Not a good thing for someone who does not like shopping at the best of times. The weather is supposed to be better next week and I am hopeful of getting out and about.

Since Kurt and Kris left I have been trying to find places for all the gifts we received and using up the extra food. So far the using up all the leftovers is going much better than finding spaces for gifts. Slowly but surely things will be completed.

Today I spent some time in the sewing/craft room. I did complete a small amount on the tunic top, but my machine started acting up (almost thought I would need to use Kurt's gift a bit earlier than expected), but I took it apart and cleaned the dust bunnies out of it and it seems to be working correctly now. Since it was getting dark I put the sewing aside to finish up tomorrow and moved into knitting mode. I should get most of the second mitten finished tonight and after the sewing tomorrow be able to finish it off and get a good start on the matching toque.

Then I hope to get started taking down the various decorations and getting the house back to normal. I have figured out my extra cleaning and my goals for next month. Much the same as every month with the added goal of cutting the grocery budget. I am going to give more store brands a try over the next while. If I even just use a few instead of name brand items that will be a savings. Every little bit helps when prices keep spiralling upwards. 

I am so glad that we no longer have a mortgage or debt of any kind (yes we do use our credit card, but pay it off monthly and get money back) as there are rumors that the Bank of Canada will be raising interest rates once again. This will mean interest rates will rise for borrowing. I just hope that Kurt and Kris will be okay with what could happen. Kris lives in an apartment so rent will likely increase, but Kurt bought a house a few years back and will be renegotiating his mortgage this year. Hopefully it does not increase too much. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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