Monday, December 18, 2017

Menu Monday

The week before Christmas is finally here. I have managed to get everything done that needs to be done as far as preparation goes. I do have to pick up salad makings, fruit and dairy this week and make an appetizer for our Christmas family gathering. Easy peasy.


Leftover Stew with dumplings.


Leftover pork roast (I think I still have a package in the fridge freezer). Or perhaps some leftover frozen ham made into a casserole.


Clean out the fridge night (probably leftover stew and casserole).


Soup and sandwiches (perhaps a beef based soup this time).


Glace (Kurt and Kris should be home and this is one of their favs).


Stuffed Chicken, rice, peas and carrots with the last of the green beans mixed in.


Lasagna (must remember to put this together).

Lunches will be catch as catch can. Everyone can help themselves to sandwich makings or leftovers.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. The last few days before Christmas always seem to be quite difficult to plan menus for. I'm sure that your soups will be delicious. Jx

  2. I'm still curious about glace. What is it? Jan's comment rings true. It seems the focus is on the Christmas menu vs the week at hand. I remember my mom making a big pot of potato soup for Christmas eve & I will make a pot of potato/corn chowder on Sunday. A bowl of soup & a ham sandwich/bun should keep people happy between the planned meals.
    Mon - pork chops & perogies
    Tue - homemade pizza, even the dough
    Wed - leftover broccoli soup w/ egg salad sandwiches
    Thurs - pork chops w/ mashed potatoes & sauerkraut
    Fri - Italian sausage pasta bake

  3. Mona, Glace is a dish my grandmother made. It is kind of like dumplings but made with lots of eggs so you get a stiff dough. This is dropped by spoonfuls into a pot of boiling water and boiled with cubed potatoes until they all rise to the top and are cooked (about 5 mins or so). Then butter is melted and diced onions are cooked in the butter until soft. The butter and onions are poured over top of the "glace" and served. Grandma always served with eggs so I do too. I think this was a very inexpensive meal back when everyone raised their own chickens. It still is and leftovers taste wonderful fried the next day.

  4. Thanks, Jackie. It reminds me of a deconstructed perogie.