Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Much Better

Though it is much colder here on the prairies I am feeling much better. Still stuffed up and now I am coughing. When I have a headache as bad as yesterday I can't function.

I did figure out why I developed the headache though. I had walked up to pick up the mail and on the way back a neighbour from two doors down stopped me and was almost in tears. It seemed her daughter had been kicked out of the apartment she had moved into about 2 months ago and all her stuff was outside in the dirt. Could Harvey use his truck to help move the daughter and her baby home.

Well feeling sorry for this family (none of them are working, and the grandmother who owns the house is not healthy) I talked Harvey into doing this.

I went back over to say we would help, but couldn't load everything up on our own there would have to be younger men there to do the heavy lifting. I walked into the house to the most overwhelming odor of dog feces and urine that it has ever been my misfortune to smell. Not only was the smell powerful, but the house and deck were wall to wall boxes, bags, and what I am sure was garbage.

I passed on the message and got out as soon as I was able. Needless to say there was only one man there to help load the truck and when we got back there was no one to unload until later that night.

I had that smell following me the rest of the night even after cooking the leftover chicken into a curry (and everyone knows a curry is a strong smelling meal) all my olfactory senses could smell was that urine and dog feces. I couldn't even eat very much as the longer I imagined I could still smell that odor the more my head pounded.

Then today I kept getting calls that one of their items was missing almost as if they thought we had stolen it. The item was found and the calls have now stopped.

This does make me second guess helping anyone ever again.

Tomorrow is another day, and I really hope a less stressful one.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. What an awful day, I Wonder who would have helped if you hadn't, I really can't get my head around how some people live.

  2. Oh Jackie, I hope they realise how lucky they've been to have someone helping them. I can't imagine that smell!!! Yuk.