Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Ramblings

Another quiet day, with lovely temperatures. I went for two walks today, one after Harvey made brunch and I got everything cleaned up, and another later in the afternoon.

It is the Third Sunday of Advent. We celebrate the Joy of the season. Father Antony made a great point about how we should slow down and enjoy this period of waiting........ So glad that I finished everything that needed to be done and can now just "be" for the rest of Advent and the Christmas season.

Over the past two days I got to talk to my two favorite Aunts. These are my mother's two remaining sisters one of which is 90 years old.

Aunt Alice is the youngest of my Grandpa MacDougall's daughters. I spoke to her last night, but for some reason she didn't sound like herself at all.

I was going to call Aunt Isobel tonight, but she surprised me by calling here first. This is the oldest remaining sister. She celebrated her 90th birthday this year. We had a lovely conversation speaking about the family reunion this past summer (Uncle Sam and my dad were brothers, yep sisters married brothers so we are very close). I also learned that Aunt Alice is not doing too well and is on a medication that necessitates someone staying with her at all times.

Aunt Isobel ended the conversation by saying she was getting all the MacDougall family pictures together and I should come up so we could have a pajama party!! Harvey got a kick out of that one.

She also gave me a bit of a lecture about not coming to her place for her birthday celebration this summer. She really wanted me there so we could visit a bit more as she was feeling out of place at the reunion and could sense I was feeling the same way.

I really need to free up some time so that I can get up and visit both these wonderful and loving women.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Oh, yes, try to spend more time with your aunts...all of mine are gone now as are all my uncles..I sure miss all of family. We had sisters marry brothers, too. Such fun.
    Hope you have a good Christmas. xoxo