Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Roundup

In the grand scheme of life things have been very quiet this past week. In my mind however things have been extremely busy, after all this is the lead up to Christmas.

I had loads of baking yet to do, but when I mentioned this to Harvey, he kinda, sorta, looked at me as if to ask "Are you crazy? Who is going to eat all this? Do we really need all this calorie rich food?"  So after looking in the mirror at the rather well rounded body staring back at me I decided enough was enough. No more baking taking place. Except for pies, one must have a pie for Christmas dinner.... Right?????

I have started on sewing those cut out patterns from, oh, six months ago. I got the culottes done and started on one of the tunic tops. Well that top has been set aside because for some reason the sleeves are not fitting properly. I will need to reassess and figure out a way to get it to work after all when I fit the paper pattern together everything was perfect. I started another tunic top today. The shoulders and sides are sewn and the seams finished on the serger. Tomorrow I hope to do the interfacing and get the neck and armhole facings done. Leaving just the hem to do. 

That will also leave me just one more cut out pattern to sew. Like the one the sleeves are not fitting correctly, this is a new pattern. Lots of new techniques to try so it will more than likely take a bit of slow sewing on my part. 

The weather has been just lovely over the past week. I am still going for my morning walks even with a slightly sore throat. The weather can change quickly and I mean to take advantage of each and every lovely day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I did my baking this week....fruitcake minis for gifts and cookies for us....the mexican wedding cookies Honey Bear loves....fudge and we did chex is the fried peach pies, especially for Daughter...I usually get those made for her Birthday on the 3rd but with the Bronchitis, everything is a bit behind...
    Mama Bear