Thursday, August 2, 2018

Budget Round Up July

The past month was just so, so as far as sticking to the budget. We were under on some lines and over a tad on others. 

I had hoped to be lower on the grocery budget line, but I think buying more of our food and other products from Canadian companies instead of American added a bit as far as spending goes. To help this out this month I am trying to eat down the pantry, freezers and fridge. You know, making do with what I have on hand. 

Even buying the bare necessities seems to cost more with the ever rising prices everyone seems to be facing. Having a garden does help a bit though and now that things are coming in fast and furious I hope to be able to cut this budget line down a great deal.

I will be trying to make more from scratch, not buying expensive desserts or side dishes. Trying more of the cook once eat twice types of meals and making sure that nothing goes to waste. Today I froze blueberries to make sure I could keep them longer. 

While electrical and gas costs were below budget, having the very hot weather we seem to be getting has caused us to use the window air conditioners a bit more. I get all excited when we have cooler weather and I can just leave the windows open.

Television, mobile phones, and internet take a big bite of the budget and I need to figure out a way to lower those costs. I may look into getting rid of the landline and just rely on our cellphones. It scares me, but we no longer have children at home so babysitters do not have to get us for any problems. We like our faster internet and really use it for movie watching, playing games, and just putzing around on the computer. Television, well once we get an android box for the TV downstairs I think we could drop some of the packages we have cutting our costs down a bit.

Fuel goes up and down and usually we are well underbudget. This month however there were numerous trips to football games and my vehicle needed a service job. Those oil changes seem to cost a great deal, but Harvey does not or should I say will not do his own and as he does so much other maintenance in the house and yard I am not going to ask him to add this to his repertory. 

I guess all one can do is cut a bit here and a bit there and perhaps by the end of the year there will be big savings.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. My mom had a pay-as-you-go cellphone that she never used. I helped her cancel her plan the other day & discovered that she had >$200 worth of banked minutes, testimony to the fact that she never used it. I was able to transfer those banked minutes to my plan(thanks, mom). Another cost-saving effort was reducing her satellite plan from ~$78/mo to ~$35/mo. She was only watching 3 channels on a regular basis. The monthly saving of ~$50/mo goes a long way when you're on a fixed income.