Wednesday, August 8, 2018

So Hot

We are into the dog days of summer here on the prairies of Canada. While these are usually some of the hottest days of the year, this year they are even hotter than normal. The grasshoppers are finally out and I will be spending walking time trying to avoid being flown at or attacked (hate them as much as wasps, give me a snake or bat any day of the week).

By Saturday we will reach almost 40C, which makes doing anything outside almost unthinkable by mid afternoon. I know we will be doing lots of watering just to keep the plants alive which will mean our water bill will be outrageous this month. This temperature and the heat wave that most of Canada is under right now is very unusual. Yes there are 40 C temperatures often, but we are not used to getting heat warnings for over a week. We are also under a smoke advisory as the forest fires from British Columbia, Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan and some of the United States are causing air quality problems. I truly believe in climate change and our part of the province is undergoing a change from a semi arid region to almost a desert type of climate during the summer.

Now while we are facing these high temperatures I have to think about our cold winters of -40C temperatures. We go from one extreme to the next with nothing really in between. I will not complain too much because once the snow arrives I will no longer be able to do my outside walks. Too afraid of falling and injuring myself once again. I really do not need another broken bone. Especially since I do not have a doctor as of yet (something I am working on, but two steps forward and one step back it seems).

I have been spending mornings in the garden harvesting veggies and watering plants. Managed to do a bit of dehydrating as well yesterday and hope to do a bit more tomorrow. I am really trying to get everything picked and processed. I do need more mint, basil, thyme, oregano and sage to see us through the cold winter months. I have been looking at mint tea and since most is made in the U.S. I need lots more dried for tea this winter. I do love me a cup of mint tea when I am feeling a bit stuffed up or have a cold.

I did use the electric roaster today as an oven. My meatloaf turned out wonderfully and I did not heat the house up. Tomorrow I make pasties, but I am not sure if they will turn out properly using the roaster. So it might be oven time for the pasties and the roaster to make a coffee cake. We shall see.

Off to do some knitting to use up a bit more of that stash.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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