Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us. Days are hot but the nights are turning cooler. This makes my early morning walks much more enjoyable. Even the cat wants out in the garden during the early evening. Shania lounges on one of the many chairs on the deck catching the last few rays of sunshine.

It is a wash and repeat time of year. I harvest the garden, process the food by freezing, canning or dehydrating.

I actually think the beans are almost done for the year. One more pick (perhaps two) as the leaves are turning brown on the stalks and there are very few flowers left.

The cucumbers are still growing however and the peppers seem to be starting to come fast and furious. Lots of little babies on all the plants. I just hope they continue to grow.

Tomatoes are slowly turning red. I will probably be starting to freeze bags very soon.

Harvey has been digging up potatoes. Mmmm, nothing beats the taste of new potatoes with a meal. The skins are tender and can be left on and enjoyed. Once they are older the skins get a bit tough.

Tomorrow I freeze beans and a couple of green peppers. Then I hope to dehydrate some lavender to make a few sachets. Pretty sure I have some muslin in my stash that I can use for the inner bags.  I am also going to look for a cold pressed carrier oil and see if I can make some lavender oil. Wish me luck.

Continuing with project declutter here after almost a month of not getting anything out of the house. I plan on doing a bit more decluttering in my closet tomorrow. Today I did tops and jackets (more the suit jacket type). I no longer work so some of the fancier stuff is not necessary to my lifestyle. Harvey no longer works either so fancy is not something we need for outings with his job. I will keep a couple of dresses for family occasions. Guess a person can't wear jeans, sweats, or jeggings all the time.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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