Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday Tidbits

Ahh, the dog days of summer are upon us. Little to no rain and scorching temperatures.

Today we had a bit of a scare. The window air conditioner in the diningroom seemed to have stopped working. We did manage to get things working again, but this just shows me it is on it's last legs and we will definitely need to put in central air for next year. No way do I want to be without air conditioning when the temperatures are in the mid to high 30 C range. We would not be able to survive.

Most of today (well at least the morning) was spent in the garden picking.

Three more green peppers. The last few I picked were sliced and frozen yesterday.
Then I picked the beans.
Harvey found a few that I missed. Since I still have beans in the fridge these were snipped and snapped and frozen to add a taste of summer to our winter meals.

Just a few of the tomatoes. Harvey found another 5 when he was out in the garden. Looks like I may actually get a few bags in the freezer.

And of course the never ending cucumbers (I notice a few more while taking a couple of pictures of the watermelon and cantaloupe.

One of three of the largest watermelons. I think they could be ready to pick very soon.

One of the cantaloupe that are starting to appear. One minute they are tiny little balls and the next minute they have grown.

I used the electric roaster on the deck yesterday to make meat loaf. It turned out wonderfully.

Tomorrow I will pick more cucumbers (and give them away) as well as some herbs and the jalapeno peppers for pickling.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. what great picking in your garden, you are very lucky.

  2. I'm relieved for you that you got your air conditioning working again.

    1. Oh yes, the last two days have been even warmer and there is no way we would survive in the house with temperatures reaching 104 and 108 respectively. So looking forward to lower temperatures.

      God bless.