Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Thrifty Tuesday

I have just one more mitt to sew up and two Christmas gifts are finished. Since I knit these out of yarn leftover from other projects the cost was minimal. I would hazard a guess of about a dollar a pair. I know you can buy mitts for that price in many areas, but they are skimpy and barely keep your hands warm.

This morning I froze 4 more bags of tomatoes and I am pretty sure that is more than enough to last us quite awhile this winter. Now I will move on to spaghetti sauce. I have lots of containers saved up and it is really quite thrifty to make your own rather than buy it. You also know what exactly is in it.

Also this week we have dried cayenne peppers, I have sliced 2 green bell peppers and popped the slices into a bag and into the freezer. Even did up some more beans and popped those in the freezer as well. 

This afternoon I started to pull out some of the quilt squares I had been cutting out of scraps of leftover material and clothing too worn to donate to the thrift stores. I do believe I have enough to make a darn good start on the patchwork quilt for Kurt within the next day or two.

Using up leftovers is always a thrifty move and that is what I have done for the last few days. Trying my hardest to get the fridge cleaned out so I can give it a good wash before we go.

A couple of years ago Kris got us a Netflix subscription and every year he pays for it. I have started to watch it on my larger TV rather than the tablet. Wow, is there ever a difference!

I have made a grocery list for our trip. There will be one night that we will be eating out (I think the last night of our stay) the rest of the time we will be cooking or packing our own meals. Some of the food will be coming from our home, the rest (think more perishable stuff) will be shopped for when we leave Kurt's place.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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